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Player Team Placement Info
Posted May 11, 2011

Irish Soccer Player Placement Policy

All players will be assigned to a team by random drawing based on school they attend . These teams are all co-ed.
Parents are not permitted to designate which team or a coach that a child is assigned.

Moving from 1st Grade, the teams are single gender teams. If a  coach or asst. coach returns to coach a boys team this year, he/she will have all of the boys or girls from their prior year's team returning to their new team. The other players from that old team go into a lottery to be placed on a new  team based first on school the child attends. 

 All players registered prior to June 15th will be guaranteed a spot on the team as a returning player. All open spots on a team are assigned by lottery placement. It  will be based on school they attend and number of positions that need to be filled on a team and equalization of team size criteria.

Players that are returning from a one year absence from Irish Soccer Club will be placed in a lottery for placement on a team. They are not guaranteed placement back on their old team.

FALL registration is now open!

For the Fall season we are offering training experience for our young players. We are going to a new training format with 2 days of training on Mondays and Wednesdays  for the whole group and then Saturday jamboree play. Teams are formed of 6 players and will rotate to 4 different fields for 10 minute matches.  It will be a grand experience to teach ball skills, fitness and teamwork.Sign up today!


FALL Soccer Future Stars Registration


Players will learn agility, conditioning and soccer drills with fun activities as a group on practice days.  They will play with their team in several ten minute matches on game day.

Practice on Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30 – 6:30

Practices begin Monday April 9

Jamboree style games Friday evenings 6:00 – 7:30

Games begin each Friday through May 18

Register by clicking on FALL REGISTRATION TAB UPPER LEFT CORNER OF WEBSITE.- KINDERGARTEN & 1st Grade- $45 per player



Coach and Volunteer Background Check

Anyone that volunteers to help is required to participate in the background check. Go the link below. 

You need to click registration tab at the top and proceed. When you go through the registration process please assign-

Association: North County Youth Soccer

Club:Irish Soccer Club


Irish Club Outreach

Lucky Boy

New Irish Club ball

Future Guatemalan Stars

Grateful for gifts from Irish players

Ear surgery and new ball

We just heard they were giving away soccer balls!

Tres Hermanos

Future Sounders Players?

Irish Ghana team

Ghana Irish Team

Hugs for Ghana outreach with Irish Soccer


Irish Soccer Club has been providing soccer balls, shoes and old uniforms to children in Guatemala  since 2003. These children are served by a medical outreach team "Healing the Children". The volunteers are coaches from Irish Soccer Club and provide ear & throat surgeries and hearing aids to children in different areas of Guatemala. More than 2000 children have been fit with hearing aids or received surgeries through Healing the Children.

Starting in 2014, Irish Soccer has broadened outreach to Ghana through "Hugs for Ghana" organization. Uniforms, balls and shoes are provided.

If you want more information how you can help please contact


Age Category Information & Day of play Saturday or Sunday?

Games for Recreatioinal teams will  start September 9. Based on age group, games will be on Saturday or Sunday. Game schedules typically will be out the week before the season starts.

 Commencing Fall of 2016, player registration will be by birth year. Kindergarten and 1st Grade players will be assigned to teams based on school they attend and will play with their classmates regardless of birth year. Parents need to make note in the registration form Special instructions section that their child attends Kindergarten or 1st Grade.

 For Fall seasion.

Kindergarten and 1st grade age players  games are all on Saturdays  at  St. Mary Magdalen UPPER field.

2nd and 3rd grade age players  boys and girls may play on Saturday or Sunday, Home field will be St. Mary Magdalen LOWER fields North and South, teams will travel for away games to Everett, Snohomish, Mukilteo or Mountlake Terrace

Teams in the U11 (2006) and U12 (2005) divisions will be playing a Saturday and Sunday schedule with most teams playing 6-7 Saturday games and 3-4 Sundays games throughout the season. One game per weekend will the norm but divisions with an odd number of teams could result in BYEs and two games in a weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday. Sunday games will not start before 12:00PM

2002-2004- (Old U-13 thru U15)   Saturdays Boys and Girls teams

1998-2001- (Old U-16 thru U-19)  Sundays Boys and Girls teams


2017 Game locations

Game locations:

Field locator link is below:

Please send us your team and individual player photos to share on the website.
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If you have any questions please email,

Mike Mallahan, Club President

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