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Registration applications are not complete unless paid at time of registration or a check is received within 7 days. The registration will be rejected and re-application will be required if payment is not received.  Scholarships are available by request.


Posted Jan 18, 2020

Due to relaxed COVID restrictions we are able to begin practices for the Rec program and are opening registration for a short spring season.

The governors office has reopened youth sports to begin games.

We will only have limited teams open for registration for this very short season.

The Crehan team (U-12 Boys) is open for registration . If your son was born in 2010 or 2009 then they qualify to register. 

The short season registration fee is $40. If your player wasn't registered in last falls season there is an additional $27 WYS insurance fee.

 CV19 protocal update on Facial Coverings:

    • Soccer players are allowed to remove facial coverings for competitions.
    • Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times.
    • Officials and referees are allowed remove their facial coverings if officiating requires them to run in the field of play.
    • Facial coverings required for indoor for all participants, including coaches, trainers, and officials. 


 See Read More link for participant responsibilities including Spectators, Coaches, and Players


Coaches, Asst. Coaches and all Parent Volunteer RMA and Safe Sport training information

7-30-19 Coach_Vol Compliance V3.pdf

Anyone that volunteers to help is required to participate in the background check and extensive training. It will require a few hours to complete so start right away.

Go to the link above.

SafeSport, Concussion Awareness and Background check needs to be completed before any participation.

Association: North County Youth Soccer

Club:Irish Soccer Club

Concussion information link for Parents
Posted Aug 25, 2019







Irish Club Outreach

Lucky Boy

New Irish Club ball

Future Guatemalan Stars

Grateful for gifts from Irish players

Ear surgery and new ball

We just heard they were giving away soccer balls!

Tres Hermanos

Future Sounders Players?

Irish Ghana team

Ghana Irish Team

Hugs for Ghana outreach with Irish Soccer


Irish Soccer Club has been providing soccer balls, shoes and old uniforms to children in Guatemala  since 2003 and Ghana since 214. 

Children in Guratemala are served by a medical outreach team "Healing the Children". The volunteers are coaches from Irish Soccer Club and provide ear & throat surgeries and hearing aids to children in different areas of Guatemala. More than 3000 children have been fit with hearing aids or received surgeries through Healing the Children.

Starting in 2014, Irish Soccer has broadened outreach to Ghana through "Hugs for Ghana" organization. Uniforms, balls and shoes are provided.

If you want more information how you can help please contact


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